And I’m the Mayor of . . .

Rumor has it Facebook will announce location services this week.

If Facebook does start supporting check-in and badges or similar, I’d love to see context sensitive titles. Today, you can become the mayor of a restaurant or store. But what if the system was context sensitive . . . you could be Uber Geek at Fry’s Electronics, or Shopaholic at Nordstrom’s, or Future Quadruple Bypass Patient at McDonald’s.

Foursquare badgeFor the most part location marketing works best with retail and location-based businesses. For example, providing discounts to people who check-in frequently on Four Square. For non-retail businesses focus more on short-term campaigns  . . .

  • contests or scavenger hunts where you track the places the brand has been.
  • events and conferences, find the spokesperson and get access to an exclusive event or party
  • track the progress of or promote a product tour or traveling event


There probably are a few businesses that would be challenged  to execute a location-based campaign . . . a quick search on Four Square didn’t reveal any of the following . . .

  • proctologists
  • public restrooms
  • dermatologists
  • prison (except in Tennessee, four check-ins, no mayor)
  • 4873 people have checked in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (Rob R. is the mayor with 73 check-ins. If he hits 100, does that make him president?)

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