Expose the Sausage Making

Anyone who has worked at an agency hears the term “hide the sausage making” or “let’s not show them the sausage making.” I say lets not only show them the sausage making, lets give them a factory tour and show them where we source the ingredients.

Moving beyond the metaphor, the more you can expose to clients, be they customers, executives in your own company, or other divisions, the better. Exposing how you do things creates trust and a bond with the client. Clients understand how you think, the work that goes into making their stuff look great and are less likely to have questions  about the invoice at the end of the month.

illustration by David Carroll

What to share:

  • process, workflow and how you get it done
  • the junior staff members, the clients are paying for them, show the client that they are doing more than making a run to Starbucks
  • your decision making
  • how you came to a point of view
  • internal discussions and debates over key strategies about their business

Being transparent is also a way to make sure your processes and methods are solid. If you can’tshow the sausage making, then maybe its time to clean up the factory.

What not to share

  • anything irrelevant to their business
  • anything that is more about the running of your business rather than the running of their account or project
  • anything that indicates you value another client more than them.

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  1. […] If you want to see the sausage being made, you should get to see the sausage being made. […]

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