Conference Sessions I’d Like to Attend

I’m starting to think about what conferences I should go to this year . . . here are some sessions I’d like to see . . .

  • How to Fake Progress on a Web Development Project Using PowerPoint and Jpegs
  • Top 10 Ways to Train Clients to Clear Their Browser Cache
  • Avoiding Meetings 101
  • Minor Failures and What We Learned (seriously, I think I’ll present this one somewhere this year)
  • Who Needs Process? Surviving on Luck Alone
  • Tac Anderson Reading a Newspaper
  • How to Blog About Bloggers Blogging
  • 5 Easy Steps to  a Cataclysmic Social Media Feedback Loop Using RSS feeds, Yahoo Pipes, and Seven Inter-Connected Social Media Sites of Your Choice.


Let me know if you see any of the sessions at an upcoming conference. Preferred locations are Boston, San Francisco or Las Vegas.

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