Evolving Social Media in the Enterprise

Tac Anderson has a great post on the career path of social media practitioners. As with any emerging discipline there isn’t a set direction . . .  In his post Tac provides some suggestions on evolving your career . . .

  • “You Can’t Own Everything, Don’t Try”
  • “Become the Enemy: Management”
  • “Evolve or Move On”

What if we took the same suggestions to evolving social media at the enterprise level . . .

“You Can’t Own Everything Don’t Try”

You might not be able to own everything, but you can take what you’ve learned and be a champion to extend that those learnings to the rest of the organization. Customer service, engineering, sales can all benefit from social media programs. The challenge enterprises face when extending social media across multiple businesses is one of scale, voice and process. Companies who have mastered social media from a communications standpoint, should equip and structure their organizations to provide guidance and governance to the other business lines. Setting up extensible workflow tools is a great starting place. but also designing a communications channel that listens, engages and routes appropriately across the organization is critical.

“Become the Enemy, Management”

Instead of tweeting and posting to facebook, imagine stepping back and watching all the tweets, Facebook posts and engagements across the organization, then providing direction and strategy to improve the big picture. By harnessing and providing direction to the entire org — and equipping other employees to use social media — you can create bigger change, faster.

“Evolve, or Move On”

When social media first became a discipline circa 2004, there was a new platform or medium every six months. Today, most organizations have  established a core platform focus  (example: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare). So evolve today, means maturing how the platforms are used and maturing the organization’s use of them. At the same time other platforms will emerge, so organizations and social media leadership should continually test and create point of views for emerging platforms.

And with regards to “Evolve and Move On,” move on might be the right career move if your org won’t evolve.

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