Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

I recently read over some of my posts and realized I wasn’t following the advice I give clients. So in order to hold myself to my own best practices, I thought I should document them here.

Anatomy of a good post.

  1. Take a piece of news, information or personal experience,
  2. provide context and a link to something related,
  3. add your personal point-of-view, insight or personal relevance,
  4. summarize, conject or ask a question.

I think Frank Shaw’s Glass House  blog does a great job sticking to this formula.

Some additional rules of thumb:

  • avoid essays, the occasional one is okay
  • on team blogs, try to keep a consistent theme or string of themes
  • don’t over think it
  • give some link love — it helps with SEO


  1. Hey Kev. Great topic. Thanks for posting.

    Do you think it would be too formulaic to apply this method to the Thinkers & Doers blog? Why or why not?

  2. Thanks for the tips Kev. Here is another point of view:

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