Everything I Know About Sweden, I Learned from Stieg Larsson, part 2

I’m not usually a pop culture guy, but I just finished the second Stieg Larsson book and really enjoyed it.  I’m guessing most American’s use this book as their primary base of knowledge on all things Swedish.  

I’ve never been to Sweden. I’ve only visited IKEA once and my closest contact with Sweden, was watching their women’s soccer team in the World Cup semi-finals a few years ago. But, based on the books this is what I know about Sweden and Swedes:

  • They drink a LOT of coffee
  • The most popular food is Billy’s Pan Pizza, followed by sandwiches (which seem to be mainly a breakfast food)
  • 7-11 is where all grocery shopping is done.
  • 7-11 is also the most popular fast food restaurant
  • A Swede can live entirely on a diet of Billy’s Pan Pizza and coffee with the occasional sandwich
  • There are way too many political parties and national newspapers to keep track of.

I’ll update this with any additional knowledge after I read the third book.

One comment

  1. Scott Meis · · Reply

    You have to see it to believe it but their 7-11s are gold mines. Some of the best deli food and sandwiches you’ll ever find. Stockholm and Goteborg are two of my favorite places ever. Something to chew on if you ever need some convincing to take a trek over – http://www.flickr.com/photos/bottspot/sets/72157622211181298/.

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