Technologies to Know for Digital Marketing

The convergence between IT, development and marketing keeps getting tighter and tighter. Here’s my take on the technology skills you need to be a somewhat hands-on digital marketer, or someone who manages them.

  • Applying Social Media – anyone can “do” social media, but applying it to business challenges is tougher
  • RSS – the great connector of all things
  • Yahoo Pipes – one of the greatest tool sets for building and managing connections and the great connector
  • html – you don’t have to be able to write it, but you need to be able to edit it and understand what it’s doing
  • WordPress or a similar CMS/blog platform
  • CRM – understanding relationships among records and record sets, is the best way to understand the power of CRM tools
  • Web Analytics (Omniture or WebTrends) — know what you’re looking at and know what it means. Be able to use the tools to set priorities and create change. Copying and pasting charts into reports is not enough. Check out the post on working with the basics.
  • Social Media Analytics — so many tools out there right now. Again know and understand what you’re looking at.

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