What should BP do?

Lets get the obvious out of the way . . . they shouldn’t have let the leak happen in the first place . . . and they should have had every possible contingency planned for. But since I’m not a submarine engineer or an oil recovery expert, I have to limit my unsolicited advice to things I know.

If I was BP, I would . . .

  1. Go public at the CEO level as quickly and frequently as possible
  2. Shut down all marketing activities except for information about their efforts to stop the oil and the cleanup
  3. Use existing Web and social media channels to talk about the issue, even if that isn’t the purpose of that channel
  4. Create a Website just so people can monitor the ongoing efforts
  5. Own the search engines with the BP story. Optimize everything around the disaster efforts and run an aggressive search ad campaign
  6. Embed your own reporters at key locations and report back on efforts
  7. Begin proactively funneling money, jobs and resources into the local economies


  1. SharonG · · Reply

    You don’t like @BPGlobalPR’s new simple distribution system?
    It’s like the farmer’s market – straight from the source to you (via the beach.)

    But seriously, you’re quite correct. However, I’ve my doubts if they go any of those routes however – they can afford not to.

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