Fried Pies and Twitter

About a year ago I co-lead a discussion at Portland State University about social media and pop culture — my talking points were a bit thin on the pop culture part.

There was one student who was really engaged, asked lots of questions, a guy named Greg Abbott. This week Greg celebrated the one year anniversary of Whiffies, one of the most popular food carts in Portland. One year ago Greg opened up a small food cart specializing in fried pie. His initial outreach was all via twitter. As word spread, he leveraged his customers social media networks to expand his reach.

In the last year, the buzz from his fans landed him placements on the Food Network, NBC Nightly News, Gourmet magazine and more.

Some of his tactics include:

  • Tweeting his menu daily
  • Inviting chefs and Portland foodies on Twitter to suggest new recipes and flavors
  • Actively engaging his followers and Portland food lovers (and drinkers) on food topics
  • Hosting ad-hoc specials, contests and challenges all promoted in real-time through Twitter
  • Responding to Four-Square posts and Tweets that mention Whiffies

Gregg (@Whiffies) and Cami by ahockley.
photo by ahockley

More on Whiffies. Follow Whiffies on Twitter. Whiffies on Yelp.

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