Entertaining, Informing and Engaging

I recently came across some tips for entertaining in a copy of an old cookbook. 40 years have passed and the party may have moved online, but the rules really haven’t changed. A few minor updates and you have guidelines for creating great digital experiences. Digital marketing is a lot like entertaining; the best experiences are the ones where your guests walk away feeling like the conversation was engaging, the entertainment lively and the experience fulfilling:

  1. Create surprises.
  2. Engage as a member of the community, not as a vendor to the community.
  3. Create participatory moments or conversation, rather than just sharing info.
  4. Deliver what people want or need. If you must deliver what you want or want to tell, make sure there is a payoff.This is especially true in video.
  5. Avoid gratuitous gimmicks; stick with gimmicks that map to your message and will inform/entertain/amuse your guests.
  6. Invite your employees, friends, partners and family to the party; they are the best source of “viralness” and your best storytellers.

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