Looking Back at 2009

I already posted my 2010 predictions, so let’s take a look back now at the top digital marketing stories of  2009.

Adobe Acquires Omniture

Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture helped reinforce the notion that analytics is still in its infancy and that data is the new creative. The acquisition paves the way to giving analytics and KPI a bigger voice at the creative table and will hopefully lead the discussion away from views and visits. When it comes to analytics there are only three things you need to measure: something to measure performance, something to help understand your audience and something to help make your content or site better. Everything else is just a fancy chart to share with execs. Oh, and Adobe gets a stable recurring revenue stream from SAAS.

Iran Elections

Social media for social change finally reached a macro level when it seemed like everyone turned their avatars green, but it also showed the growing global influence of social media beyond entertainment. It’s not every day the State Department asks you to postpone scheduled maintenance so as not to disrupt communications.

CNN Goes Full Out on Digital Media

A lot of media companies are combining video, podcasts, slideshows, etc. But CNN, the New York Times and BBC introduced news, games and other new tools this year. CNN really embraced all things digital – for good or bad – including user-generated Photosynths, shows based entirely on Twitter content, and content designed specifically for Facebook.

Burger King Bribes People to Ditch Facebook Friends

Burger King Facebook promoSo this campaign was short-lived, had no discernible impact on burger sales and didn’t introduce any groundbreaking technology, but when was the last time you were asked to quantify the value of a friendship? It also reinforced the fact that we play on social networks at the permission and pleasure of those networks. The content and connections we create on those networks aren’t our own. Bonus prediction for 2010: Marketers will spend a lot of money trying to figure out how much value there is for each friend, fan and follower.


A new search engine is newsworthy, but the long-term impact  comes from the wake-up call Bing gave Google. Microsoft’s reentry into search has created a new round of innovation in how people use the Web and has pushed Google to continue to innovate and invest.

There’s An App for That

We’ve been waiting for the mobile Web to really come to fruition for almost 10 years. The success of the iPhone and the App Store not only brought the mobile Web, but changed the approach that marketers use to deliver content to mobile devices.

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