Nine Social Media Predictions for 2010

2010 Prediction #1: The real gold in social media applications, will be workflow management and ticketing systems.

2010 Prediction #2: Social media moves beyond being solely the domain of marketers and gains a foothold throughout organizations.

2010 Prediction #3: The next evolution of transparency brings the era of vendors trusting their customers.

2010 Prediction #4: Twitter will acquire or build out short video- and photo-hosting services.

2010 Prediction #5: There will be more self-titled social media experts than there are social media users. Kidding. Well, sort of. See  “omphaloskepsis.”

2010 Prediction #6: Someone will think I’m an idiot for using a # symbol to represent an ordinal number — especially since this was first published on Twitter.

2010 Prediction #7: Facebook becomes the leading provider of single sign-on services.

2010 Prediction #8: Mapping becomes a mainstream application platform, especially around augmented reality.

2010 Prediction #9: Geoloc services become the next big social media “feature.”

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