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Sharecropping Starves out More Apps

Facebook announced further restrictions on its data this week. Probably a smart decision for Facebook and a good decision for privacy, but for the apps that rely on this data, this comes as a big blow.  Data from third party sources is tasty, but don’t become dependent upon it. More on sharecropping from an old post: […]

Asking Too Much of Social Media

As social media grew up, it wanted to be what every other marketing channel is. Early on, there was a desire to prove skeptics wrong and show business value the way other channels showed business value. In that process it lost sight of what it is really good at. There are success stories about social […]

Try This in Your Next Meeting

Here’s an exercise for you to try at your next meeting with the creative team: In every planning meeting and brainstorm write down all of the questions that come up regarding things like how the audience will respond, decision points around UX or content, what message is strongest, etc. Keep these in a running list. […]

Content is About to Change, A Lot

In the post-social marketing world, marketing operations and marketing technology has boomed. So what’s next? Marketing automation, operations, analytics and aren’t going away. What will be new is how we interact with content. The creative side of marketing is due for some big changes. In two or three years consumers will be experiencing your brand […]


The Fewer Meetings Movement

Over the last year I’ve been pretty good a self-selecting out of unnecessary meetings. I still go to too many, but it’s been getting better. Every month, more of my colleagues seem to catch on, to help explain the typical decision process, I’ve created this handy chart.

Off Brand Thoughts On Brand

The value of a brand is only as strong as the personal meaning it has for the customer. You can argue that the customer owns the brand, or at least the brand perception. That’s a scary thought for most organizations, but it doesn’t mean organizations have to give up control. We often talk about what […]

2014 At Work, Quantified

I worked on more than 178 PowerPoints this year. The year is not over, but I’m sitting at the office getting ready to organize files and folders for the coming year, and thought I’d share a bit of data from 2014. On my calendar in 2014 were 953 meetings. This doesn’t include the many meetings I […]


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