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6 Reasons to Fire Your Marketing Agency

You regularly hear the words “that’s not in the scope of work” or “we didn’t budget for that.”  If you hear these words frequently, it means that your agency isn’t planning ahead and thinking holistically enough about your business. They may be more concerned with producing the work than getting you results. They don’t have a […]

Photo courtesy of the best brewery in SW Portland.

Portland Oregon’s Favorite Snow Activities

A list of Portland’s ten favorite snow related activities. Wishing it would snow Worrying it will snow Panicking while driving in snow Complaining about all the Californians who moved to Portland and don’t know how to drive in the snow Panicking that they don’t have the groceries they need for a snow day Running to […]

Oreo Won the Real Time Marketing Super Bowl

Nabisco’s Oreo opted out of real time brand commentary during yesterday’s Super Bowl. That decision was one of the smartest plays of the game. Super Bowl 48 didn’t kill Real Time Marketing, but hopefully many brands will rethink their strategy going into the Olympics, the Oscars and the World Cup. Yesterday saw too many attempts […]

The Impact of No

Often in our careers we are tasked with seemingly impossible things. Things that need more time, more budget, or we just don’t know how to do. Some things might be technically impossible, some things might be a really bad idea. Sometimes we have to say no. When we say no, no matter what the reason, […]


Conflict among Supporters and Brand: The Quakes and the 1906 Ultras

In Pacific Northwest soccer, this is a rivalry week. The winner of this Sunday’s match takes the lead in the Cascadia Cup and helps secure their playoff berth. Just as interesting is a conflict brewing further south between the San Jose Earthquakes front office and the 1906 Ultras supporters group. This match is about brand control, the […]


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