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Content Marketing Is a New Thing, Sort Of

Many marketers claim that they’ve always been doing content marketing. In the B2B space, you have whitepapers, industry events, tutorial videos, press releases, etc. In the consumer space you have sponsored TV, Radio and product placement.  Some folks have been creating great content for a long time. There is an evolution however, and it is […]

Agency Secret: The Rush Project

You know that rush project you gave your agency? . . . the one you apologized for?  . . .  thanks. No, I’m not being sarcastic. Last minute projects are often the best projects. They are a headache for the business as it makes it hard to forecast  resources and they burn out employees. But […]

Why “Not Provided” May be a Good Thing

The rumor is Google is going to pull or at least modify how it reports on keyword queries from paid search. Most of what we’re hearing is speculation, but Search Engine Watch has a good discussion on the issue. Google already began hiding organic keywords last year. If you’re in the business SEM, the “not […]

6 Reasons to Fire Your Marketing Agency

You regularly hear the words “that’s not in the scope of work” or “we didn’t budget for that.”  If you hear these words frequently, it means that your agency isn’t planning ahead and thinking holistically enough about your business. They may be more concerned with producing the work than getting you results. They don’t have a […]

Photo courtesy of the best brewery in SW Portland.

Portland Oregon’s Favorite Snow Activities

A list of Portland’s ten favorite snow related activities. Wishing it would snow Worrying it will snow Panicking while driving in snow Complaining about all the Californians who moved to Portland and don’t know how to drive in the snow Panicking that they don’t have the groceries they need for a snow day Running to […]


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